Are the floors of your home or office ready for a fresh new look?

Hire the flooring installation experts in Waldorf, MD

Update your flooring and transform the look and feel of your space when you choose JR’s Carpet & Floors for flooring installation. We have 35+ years of experience in the flooring industry. You can trust us to install or replace the flooring in your home or office quickly. Whether your home or office is decades old or fairly new, considering a new flooring option can make your design dreams come true.
Changing your current flooring can be a daunting and time consuming project whether you have hardwoods, tile, carpet, or other types. Hiring a a professional flooring installer will take the stress off of you and ensure the satisfactory result you desire.

While there are so many different flooring options to choose from, it may be challenging to decide what is the best fit for your space and why.
An experienced professional at JR's Carpet & Floors will help you choose from a few of the following options:

  • Tile: humidity, water, & stain resistant
  • Laminate Flooring: affordable, easy to clean, variety of options
  • Engineered Wood: Low maintenance, durable, wont warp or tear
  • Solid wood: The real deal, adds value to home, variety of options
  • Carpet: comfortable and soft, affordable, sound barrier

Call today to schedule a free consultation to determine what the best option is for you.